Thursday, April 14, 2011

Genesis of my iPhone mount continued...

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    So I got a cradle for the iPhone, and a posable/adjustable multi directional swivel piece of hardware that's meant to attach cameras on to microphone stands. How do I attach it to my handle bar? Knowing that the nut size of the camera adapter was 5/8 of an inch, I search Google images for 5/8 microphone adapters and clamps. I figured there's bound to be an option to clamp the camera adapter to my bike. My search resulted in a microphone adapter that's used to mic drum sets
As soon as the piece arrived, I attached the three components (The camera adapter screwed onto the drum mic adapter and the desk stand cradle screwed onto the camera to mic stand adapter) to my handle bar. All seemed well enough, using the wing nut I secure my apparatus to the handle bar. While the adapter worked, I did not feel secure about the wing nut bearing sole responsibility for keeping everything mounted to my bike. Most importantly though, the wing nut interfered with real tight turns on the motorcycle.

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    Back to the drawing board. Looking for a more secure option and a suggestion by one of by buddies yielded this the Garmin Nuvi bike mount. But I was only interested in the strap portion of this GPS mount. To get the 5/8 inch bolt of the microphone adapter and the wrap around strap of the Nuvi bike mount, I'll have to combine the two.

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