Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some assembly required

Start by disassembling the mic adapter. The piece that you needed is the 5/8 inch threaded bolt.

After removing the 5/8 inch threaded bolt, then disassembled the Nuvi bike mount.  I found that strap was a bit long, so using a pair of wire cutters, I cut a few inches off.

Using the wire cutters and an exacto knife, cut a notch to cradle the 5/8 inch threaded bolt. Use the screw from the Nuvi to attach the 5/8 inch threaded bolt to the Nuvi bike adapter.

With that completed, you can now attach the two pieces.

Two more steps remain, connecting the cradle from the desk stand to the apparatus and to secure the iPhone into the cradle.
The case that I chose was a simple plastic case that was flexible enough for me to easily take the iPhone out. I found that on Monoprice as well
I cut some slits on the side and bottom of the case and secured it to the desk stand cradle with some zip ties

Some additional pictures

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